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Heel Pain

Heel pain affects everyday life. More and more people experience heel and arch pain. It is important that you take care of it right away to avoid further complications.

Diagnosing Heel Pain:

1. Radiography (X-ray) - available in our office

2. Diagnostic Ultrasound - is a safe and effective way to examine the musculoskeletal system of the foot and ankle. We can detect problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and soft tissue.

3. MRI - can be scheduled at a certified facility

Heel Pain Treatment:

1. Exercises - you will receive instructions on how to do specific exercises that help your heel pain

2. Orthotics - we offer prefabricated as well as custom molded orthotics.

3. Shoes - a wide variety of shoes are available for purchase in our office 

4. Stem Cell Injection Therapy - is offered as an excellent alternative for treatment of heel pain

5. Physical therapy - may be recommended and arranged 

6. Pain Relieving Cream - available for purchase

7. CBD oil and creams - are also available 

8. Night splints - are a great way to stretch your plantar fascia 

9. Heel cups - help with padding and support of your heel

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