Advanced Technologies

Hallandale Beach, FL Podiatry Office provides Advanced Technologies

We welcome you to our Hallandale Beach Podiatrist's office, Dr. Adriana Strimbu.  We relay on the highest quality podiatry 

Clarifi Imaging Systemtreatments using cutting edge technology and resources. By doing so, we ensure you are receiving the most accurate 

foot diagnosis and care by utilizing the most advanced  treatment and equipment including:

Heel pain center of excellence - everything about your heel pain

Laser Therapy for pain and toenail fungus - help with pain and toenail fungus

Onyfix Ingrown Toenail Treatment in Hallandale Beach  - painless, nonsurical treatment for ingrown toenails

Custom Orthotics - customized orthotics to help biomechanical imbalance 

Diabetic Shoe Supplier - shoes and insoles for the diabetics 

Clarifi Imaging System - checks your micro-circulation in the feet

Arterial and Venous doppler - for checking arteries and vein circulation in your legs

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