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What to know about .... FLAT FEET!

0529771001560543244.jpgIt’s astonishing how many things can go wrong because of flat feet. Of all the foot types this is the one that leads to the most foot conditions. Count your blessings if you have normal or high arches. If you have foot pain and aren’t sure of the cause it may be because of flat feet. This can be determined by a simple exam and more importantly x-rays.

Foot pain from flat feet left untreated can lead to permanent deformity, avoidable surgery, pain elsewhere in the body such as the knees or back, and even a permanent deformity.

Some of the most common foot conditions caused by flat feet are:

Some arches get flatter over time, however, most people who have flat feet are born this way. Since flat feet are hereditary, then the conditions named above are as well.

Beware Of Store-Bought Arch Supports

If you know your feet are flat and you’re experiencing foot pain it seems logical that getting shoes with better arch support or purchasing arch supports would help. Sometimes that’s true but more often it is not. If the arches from the shoes or store-bought arch supports don’t match perfectly to your arches, it can be uncomfortable.

One of the best things to do if you have flat feet, especially if you’ve experienced foot pain, is to avoid flat shoes. You should also minimize going barefoot or wearing flip flops.

Flat feet are often incredibly unstable causing the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons to move excessively. Feet that move excessively and are unstable can lead to many different foot problems.

A Simple Solution

The number one treatment for flat feet is Custom Foot Orthotics. These inserts are the only way to effectively control and stabilize unstable flat feet. Store bought arch supports aren’t effective. Orthotics align the feet better which allows the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons to move optimally.

Many people who have had pain because of flat feet experience tremendous relief from orthotics. Not only do orthotics relieve foot pain, they can also prevent many foot conditions from recurring.

Bunions, hammertoes, bone spurs, tendinitis, and arthritis can be prevented by custom orthotics. Children who have flat feet and experience foot pain also benefit greatly from orthotics. Many active kids are brought to our office by their parents complaining there is pain when playing a sport. Most often they have flat feet. Orthotics relieve the pain almost 100% of the time.

Flat Feet Causes Knee and Back Pain

Since flat feet can also cause knee and back problems, wearing orthotics has solved many knee and back symptoms. Not everyone who has flat feet will ultimately have foot pain but many foot problems are from flat feet. A simple solution such as custom foot orthotics can help relieve the pain and prevent a recurrence.

Maybe most importantly, treating painful flat feet early enough can avoid foot deformities and major surgery.      

Dr. Strimbu can make you custom orthotics for your foot deformity. 

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