Ingrown Toenails - A Rash of These During COVID-19

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Ingrown Toenails - A Rash of These During COVID-19

A Rash of These During COVID-19


We certainly did not expect this, but we saw a rash of very painful and often infected ingrown toenails during this COVID-19 period. They did not have anything to do with the virus itself. We saw some kids and males; however, adult females were afflicted the most.

The likely cause of the spike in this condition was the closure of nail salons. Many of our patients mentioned they usually have a pedicurist manage their nails. Although they liked being pampered, they did not enjoy the discomfort associated with having their ingrown toenails dug out frequently.

It was a blessing for these patients to have to see a podiatrist. We were able to treat them with a procedure that solves the ingrown condition permanently. Most of them could not believe they were living with a condition that was correctable for so many years.

A painful ingrown toenail is easy to solve permanently by means of a simple office-based procedure. The condition is almost always hereditary. Adults and children are afflicted by it. An antibiotic is only a temporary solution.

If we experience an unfortunate surge of the coronavirus again that shuts down salons, we recommend asking your female patients if they are having pain from an ingrown toenail. We welcome the opportunity to help them get lasting relief. 

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