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Important Tips for Healthy Summer Feet


1. Always wear socks when wearing shoes. If you wear shoes without socks it can cause moisture to your feet and that may be increasing the risk of acquiring a fungus infection or the virus that causes warts. Socks help wick away moisture.

2. Activity level should not be increased more then 10% per week to avoid overuse injuries. Some common overuse injuries are tendinitis and stress fractures. Therefore, gradually increase jogging or power-walking to avoid injury to your feet.

3. When wearing sandals, make sure they have an arch or a build in orthotic into them. Wearing a flat shoe can cause pain to the feet, ankles, knee and back.  One common condition that can arise from wearing flat shoes is Plantar Fasciitis.

4. Use sunscreen on the top of your feet as well. When applying sunscreen to your body, it’s easy to forget the feet. You can get sunburn to the top of your feet easily and could be quite painful.

5. When doing a lot of standing and walking, wear orthotics in your shoes. Many people pay a high price for not wearing orthotics in their shoes and especially during the summer, since it is hard to find a shoe that have an arch or shoes that you can incorporate an orthotic into them.

6. Let your nails breath periodically if you decide to wear nail polish. You want to allow your nails to breath and also you can check their health. Many people find they have fungus when removing their nail polish from the toenails. Fungus likes a dark, moist place and can develop without any warning. One sign of toenail fungus could be a white or yellow spot on the nail.

7. If the pain in your foot lasted more than a couple of weeks, call and make an appointment with your podiatrist. Many times people postpone going to the doctor thinking their pain will resolve on its own. The truth is that it is rare for pain to go away if its been there for couple of weeks. The sooner you get treated the better chances of resolving the pain and avoiding further complications.


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