My feet sweat a lot. Is it normal or is it a problem?

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  • My feet sweat a lot. Is it normal or is it a problem?
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My feet sweat a lot. Is it normal or is it a problem?


Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can be primary or secondary.

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Primary hyperhidrosis is not due to any health condition or any medication. It is the condition itself.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis is due to a medical condition or a side effect from a medication. This means that something is causing the excessive sweating.

Differentiation between the primary and secondary hyperhidrosis is important for proper treatment. Dr. Ana Dee Glaser, an expert in hyperhidrosis states that you can differentiate between the two by answering the following questions:

  • Your sweat is bilateral and relatively symmetrical, meaning you sweat the same on both sides of your body?
  • Your excess sweat impairs your daily activities?
  • You experience at least one episode a week?
  • The onset of your excess sweat is earlier than age 25?
  • You have a positive family history? (Meaning that other members of your family suffer from similar sweating problems.)
  • You stop sweating when you're sleeping?

If you answer yes to at least 2 of these questions, it is most likely for you to have primary hyperhidrosis. It is believed that most of the people with hyperhidrosis fall in this category (primary hyperhidrosis).

Secondary hyperhidrosis is due to something else, either medical condition or some medicine. There is a list of medication that are though to cause hyperhidrosis. According to Mayo Clinic some medical conditions that can cause secondary hyperhidrosis are:


Thyroid problems

Low blood sugar

Some types of cancer

Nervous system disorders

Menopause hot flashes

Heart attack


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