General Prices

New Office visit   $150

Established Office visit $80

Foot x-rays (per foot) $86

Ankle x-rays (per ankle) $86

Medical pedicure $60

Corn/Callus removal $50

Cortisone injection $90

Toenail biopsy  $110

Ingrown toenail removal without surgery (Slant back) $60 (for minor ingrown)

Ingrown toenail removal surgery $150

Permanent removal of the ingrown toenail using phenol $250

Onyfix procedure to help grow out your ingrown toenail (nonsurgical procedure)  $150

Diagnostic Ultrasound $125

Laser therapy for pain  $125 for 1st session, $75 each additional sessions.

Laser for toenail fungus $250 for the first fungus toenail, $25 each additional toenail (1st session), each additional session $75 

Custom Orthotics  $497

Prefabricated Orthotics $55

Warts Chemical Cauterization  $90

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